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Meet the team

Orkney Shooting Holidays guiding team currently consists of Robert Frampton (head guide), Raymond Shearer, Brian Cursiter, Marcus Vile, Stewart Walker, Steven Charles Rogers and Robert Thomas. Below is some information on them to give you an idea of who will be taking you out. 

Robert Frampton:

Rob has been a goose guide in Orkney for nearly a decade now and has thus developed an in depth knowledge of the area and how the wildfowl behave in different conditions and situations. Other wildfowling experience includes numerous trips to Montrose Basin, Solway, St. Andrews, Aberdeen, Loch Leven, Norfolk, Clevdon and he was a member at Wentlog Wilfowlers.

In addition to this he has guided and shot in Canada, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, and the US. He also has years of experience decoying pigeons and crows, driven and walked up pheasant, woodcock, snipe and partridge and lamping rabbits and foxes. He is also an ex-international clay shot.

Rob's dogs include Nutmeg and Snipe. Nutmeg aged 12 is now an experienced wildfowling dog and will be retiring shortly. Snipe (dog) aged 18 months is a new edition and the 2012-13 season will be his first proper experience. He has great breeding and we are expecting a lot from him in the coming years.


Marcus Vile:

Marcus is now an experienced member of the Orkney shooting holidays team. It is great to have on board. He is a local who has already a good knowledge of the shooting grounds and  has great relationships with a lot of our farmers. He has both firearms and shotgun licences. He has two working dogs. His lab (Jed) is a keen worker and  is great in water. 

Marcus is also a knowledgable fisherman so if any of you guys that plan on partaking in some fishing feel free to get some advice off him.





Steven Charles Rogers:

Steven is one of the newest members of Orkney Shooting Holidays team. Steven is a very experience wildfowler. He has visited Orkney, the Solway, Eden Estuary, Loch Leven, Montrose Basin, Steven Estury and Aberdeen and Strathbeg.Steven has also enjoyed being a member of the Devon wildfowlers where he shot many ducks along the river Exe.

Throught the summer months Steven decoys pigeons and helps local estates out with vermin control.
















Stewart Walker:

Stewart is also lived and shot in Orkney all of his life. He knows the island grounds very well.

Stewart is a keen fisherman and has a good knowledge on how the tides effect the wildfowl behaviour. If you want to do a little bit of fishing on your trip then he is the man to ask.